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Bulk Transportation


Liquid bulk shipments are often the simplest, most economical method of transporting bulk liquids, whether shipping 100 miles or across the country. Depending on the type of tanker and kind of material, liquid bulk freight is shipped OTR (On The Road), typically via stainless steel or aluminum tankers, Progressive Cargo Inc offers customers an unprecedented nationwide network of carriers and service providers for the fastest, most efficient shipment of liquid products in the marketplace.

Besides offering cost-effective, efficient liquid bulk shipments, Our team of experts provides trans-loading services that include arranging North American international moves, heating, steaming, and anti-freezing facilities, as well as blind/double-blind shipments.

Our logistics team specialises in freight forwarding as well as the handling of chemicals and the logistics of ISO tanks to worldwide destinations

Progressive provides chemical logistics for worldwide destinations. Our trained team ensures that all aspects of the ISO tank logistics are well taken care of including pick up, drop off, nitrogen purging, steam heating and any other special requirements.

Drayage – ISO Tanks, 20’ and 40’ Containers

Specific to imports & exports of goods that ship via ocean vessel, or shipments of goods by intermodal shipment (railroad), Progressive Cargo has decades of experience managing ISO and 20′ or 40′ shipping containers. In addition to the physical freight moves, Our experts are proficient in the import/export process, customs brokerage, tracking, moving goods in and around ports, and trans-loading.

ISO Containers involve shipping bulk, liquid goods, and chemicals. 20′ and 40′ shipping containers can ship drums and totes of liquid goods or dry products bagged and strapped to pallets. We can manage all drayage and freight forwarding needs, whether arranging regional shipments or a global logistics network.

Why choose ISO tank transportation?

There are many benefits to choosing ISO tank transportation for your shipping needs, including:

  • Versatility – ISO tanks can be used to transport a variety of different commodities, making them a versatile shipping solution.
  • Safety – ISO tanks are fitted with a variety of safety features to ensure the safe transport of your cargo.
  • Cost-effective – ISO tank transportation is a cost-effective shipping solution for your business.

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